EKS Jitsi videobridge

I have a EKS cluster (aws kubernetes solution).
I install jitsi and its working fine, but only with peer to peer connection. I already release the 30300 port (UDP) for videobridge using a NLB (Network Load Balancer), but its not working yet.
Can Anyone help me with ideias?

Welcome to the forum.

Not really familiar with EKS, but Jitsi is set to use port 10000/UDP by default. If you need to change that, you can set the following property in jvb’s sip-communicator.properties:


Thanks for answer. So, in kubernetes is not possible use a low port, so I change to the port range supported, in case 30300. I will check if this property is correctly.

Unfortunately, not works!

By any chance have you fixed this?even Iam facing same issue.

did you able to find a solution.i’m having the same issue…