Editing the jitsi conf file make me loose home page

i banging my head on an issue when trying to edit the config.js file to make some changes in the settings (particularly video settings), i always loose the home page, and the jitsi browser start with a random room.
uncommenting this section videoQuality: {
seems to put a mess in the file, so the enableWelcomePage: true, is lost
I made a zillion times sure there was not missing comma or }, but no luck.
Is there a way to check integrity of the conf syntax ?


install node (sudo apt install nodejs) then

node -c your-config-file.js

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that’s the first thing i have done, but it returns nothing, with or without the changes.
if somebody can test if activating the videoQuality: { }, section cause the same error on his installation.
for instance i just forget about that, because it was not so important.
using ubuntu 20.04LTS on a proliant ML350 with 48 cores and 128 gig RAM.

it should not harm your install. Do you refresh your cache (Ctrl F5) before testing ? If not your changes may not be taken in account.

Can you share your config.js? Edit out your domain name.