Editing the Config file - how to save?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been at this for a while, and am not too tech savy so bear with me.

I followed this tutorial, using a DigitalOcean Instance. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to properly access the config file and SAVE it.

All I want to do is set the Watermark to False. I found this portion, and when I tried an example of the config file directory, I was able to make a change but no clue how to exit, save, and deploy.

Can someone please help? :slight_smile:

Anybody? :pray:

You can edit:
Path: / usr/share/jitsi-meet
File: interface_config.js

Hi @miguelhm,

Is this through the terminal? Can’t seem to pull it up. I’m on a custom domain.

yes, it is in the terminal, you can’t access the server where you installed it?

@miguelhm Found it, I think :slight_smile:

How do I save the changes from here?


press :wq

Doesn’t do anything

Actually, got it to work. But now the Jitsi meeting page is blank. Is there a way to restart with the changes?

press esc and later :wq, observe que el comando que escribe se muestra aquí

Thank you! The meeting page is blank now. Is there a way to restart with the changes?

how is blank?, Not loading?

Loads, but blank page after changes in terminal.

try to put the value that you had changed

Still blank after I changed the values back to what they were. Not sure how to restart server

How strange, that should not affect the operation of the application

I agree. I think I’ll try starting over.

Thank you so much for your help!