Editing the apache2 file and adding a VH (or changing the domain name the hardway)

I’ve installed Jitsi on a ubuntu server (not a docker) and its worked so well that its getting a new domain name looking at other guides on this issue, i decided that reinstalling it was cheating (although i will as a last resort)
i typed “sudo dpkg-reconfigure jitis-videobrigde2” and changed to the new domain name and rebooted but this didn’t work. i thought maybe it changed only part of jitsi and not apache2 or other needed files.

so I thought i would edit the apache2 file to fix it and maybe add VH to just redirect the new domain name to the jitsi-meet.

How ever when i went to “sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf” i found nothing, just default setting and notes so I went looking around and couldn’t find where it was.

when i installed JItsi-meet it auto configured apache2 for me so I’m not sure what it did or where i can find the configuration so see what it did.

The problem is super simple I want to change the domain name but i want to do the hard way, and cant figure it out the names or root folder to redirect to with a VH.

I’m a student and new to this kind of server hosting and i might be barking up the wrong tree completely so please tell me if that’s true (ive already made back ups so i dont mind messing with it a lot)