Edit Welcome Page


I just quick-installed jitsi-meet on my server and would want to change the welcome page content. What I have done so far is just to remove/change the left watermark and change the favicon. I wanted to put a login form on the welcome page. What file should I edit? Also, is it fine to just clone the react folder going to usr/share/jitsi-meet/ rather that putting in the whole repo from github to etc/?

I checked other topics and saw that I need to upload the repo from github to my etc folder in my server. Is it really necessary?

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Curious what did you end up doing? I am in the same boat, and really don’t want to have to reinstall it just to change the welcome page.

Hi @Ky_Jovs
You have to clone their GitHub repo and then you can customize what you want. After that, you have to point out that frontend except the default one.

For other that find their way here, this may help: