Edit URL on Invite Link Menu & Automatic Password


  • I can’t find where to edit the url on the invite link menu, I want to change it. Are there any chance?

  • If I want to set the password for lobby mode to auto enable and that generated with automatic letter and number combination. Are there any reference or tutorial that I can follow? Or maybe some article that may be useful?


Are you hosting your own server or running your meetings on the public instance at meet.jit.si? The meeting URL is just the jitsi_domain/meeting_name. So you can choose any meeting name and that will be used as the meeting URL.

Password and lobby feature are two different things. If you’re hosting your own server, there are a handful of threads here that cover auto-enabling the lobby feature. There is no automatic password generation in Jitsi. You can create whatever password you want.

I am hosting my own server.

No, I mean i wanna change that default ‘jitsi_domain/meeting_name’ become ‘jitsi_domain’ only.

Yes, I already implement that.

I mean, is there any config reference or any that can make it automatic with auto letter/number generation so it’s like auto lobby but with the generator. So if room created in my jitsi server it will had a password automatically for client join.

Thanks for your answer!

Any follow up? Thanks!