Edit jitsi meet frontpage

Can someone link to a tutorial how to edit the front page of jetsi meet?

I did search but no hit on frontpage… :frowning:

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Please see here

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We’ve recently tried Jitsi and we are all impressed. As we are providing bilingual services, so we would like to have 2 lines for both the Title and Application Description. I’ve tried to use ‘\n’ or ‘
’ in main.json, and rebuilt the app.bundule.min.js, but neither works as expected. Please help advise.

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Also it would be great to know how to add/edit the footer/bottom section as seen in https://meet.jit.si/. Thanks a lot. Clark

Solved - Please ignore my above queries - I should have read reset’s comments more closely. Thanks a lot!

Can you please tell how did you edited the footer on mainpage?