Edit config to make everyone follows me

We are trialling this in our school in Austria. Is it possible to setup

Everyone starts muted
Everyone starts hidden
Everyone follows me 

as ON. Always for a server. I looked at


but cannot get the right idea.
thanks for your great tool!!!

Hi -

Look at the following properties in the config.js

startAudioMuted: 2, //everyone joining after the 2nd participant is audio muted by default
startVideoMuted: 2, // everyone joining after the 2nd participant has their video disable by default

It might be 2nd or 3rd participant. Please try the exact number…1, 2,… I’m not sure.

The teacher can be the first person to join the meeting and everyone else will be video and audio muted.

Thanks… but the students can unmute (both audio/video) easily!!!

Hi, how about editing TOOLBAR_BUTTONS inside interface_config.js?

This might work (as a workaround), except on Android / iOS apps.

Hello, What if a students accidentally joins it first instead if the teacher?? Do we have a facility for the waiting room like thing? Please help.

Thanks alot!!

Yes, there is lobby feature. See this

Yes, but the Lobby feature does not work on Mobile! Is that being worked on?