Echo/Noise canceling desktop music

Hello there,

I’m trying to implement live music streaming into Jitsi application (custom audio stream played inside jitsi app).
Do I need to additionally configure anything so that audio gets “noise cancelled” by Jitsi and not cause echo to other participants, because currently it is causing pretty bad echo if participant is not using earphones.

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@Kenan_Muhic you can disable echo cancellation by making sure the following property is set to “false” in config.js:

disableAEC: false,

Does Jitas require you to have the media you want to stream located on the server where Jitas is installed? Or can you play, say, an mp4 file directly from your desktop without first transferring it to the server?

This depends on the format of the MP4 file and how to access it. This is not diirectly related with Jitas. If you can play the related MP4 file in your desktop without transfering it then jitas can play too

Can you play your local media files (use your local media tools), directly on Jitas, or you must transfer it to Jitas server first. I tried Jitas myself, and although it is awesome, I discovered that everything you want to stream must be located directly on that virtual desktop, unless it is something online.

jitas cannot play an MP4 file which is located on your desktop machine.

Got it - thanks @emrah

In that case, it’s a suboptimal solution for us because we want to be able to assign the ability to any user to play an audio stream into the conference and they may not have previously transferred their mp4 files onto the Jitas server