Echo Cancellation


Hi All

We have the a local version of Jitsi and videobridege and we are finding that the echo cancelation is not working as expected.
WE are using wall mounted TV connected with OSX MacMini’s with usb Table mic and there is a huge amount of feedback/echo when making a call

Are there any settings we can change to make it better?


Are you using latest chrome?
The echo cancelation is turned on by default, so nothing to adjust (you didn’t add disableAEC: true in config.js I suppose).



Using V68

Nope got the enable

Would changing the audio codec help ( not sure how to do that )



That will not help, so my suggestion is to search over the Internet about chrome and webrtc and echo cancel problems, whether there is some global way to adjust its buffere or something.
My experience with this (from Jitsi Desktop) is that echo cancel performs badly or not working at all when mic and speakers are from different sound cards, due to the different clocks and the fact that echo cancel needs to examine output and then input and supress or remove duplicate speech patterns, and when clock is different, basically this examine will not work.
So if its possible try changing the speaker and mic to be same device …


They are the same device, the sound come from the MacMini though the lineout into the a mixer and then the TV, and the mic is connected to the macmini with usb


Not sure what is mixer (does it add more delay), but the mic connected to the usb, smells to me like a different device/drivers than the line out of the mac mini.


The mixer is just an audio mixer,
I dont think using a different mic source would add that much of a delay


It matters a lot, every driver has its on clock, and for inspecting the output and the input, sometimes drift of few milliseconds can be a lot.