Easyjitsi setup

A video on how to install easyjitsi would be helpful. I have tried to install it on my cloud hosting but couldn’t. I am more used to wordpress which has a plugin :slight_smile: It works sort of but as the logo is there with a link anyone clicking on it is taken away from my website. So to expand on my easyjitsi setup problems here is what I am being asked to do. Enter domain name which brings up
Copy and Paste in your Terminal
/bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL https://bash.easyjitsi.com/jitsi/bla.com)”

Brilliant now all I have to do is find this Terminal I have to paste the code into? Cannot find it so ask hosting provider for help am told I need an ssh which is a 3rd party item. I asked could I do this using putty (Only know about putty from watching an online video) Am told yes. But still do not have a clue what I actually have to do hence my suggestion a video would help as I should imagine most of us are new to this.