Easy way to install Jitsi/Jibri on Debian Buster (Debian 10)


I prepared an installer to install Jitsi/Jibri on a dedicated Debian Buster (Debian 10). There are 3 basic steps:

  1. download the installer
  2. set the host address
  3. and run the installer

eb-jitsi on GitHub

Please send feedback if you have an issue

Edit: For more recent documentation:
Easy way to create a Jitsi cluster based on Debian Buster (Debian 10)

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Brilliant, especially the letsencrypt script. Much better than the script included in jitsi-meet deb since it doesn’t depend upon python 2.


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Very interesting. Would consider adding an option to use pulse-audio ? See :

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Hello MagicFab, I’ll study this topic. If I find a way without breaking the upgradability, I’ll add it.

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Hello again,

I added the simultaneous recording/streaming support. It’s possible to make the simultaneous recording/streaming on the same host.

After the installation, it’s started simultaneous Jibri instances according to the CPUs/cores count. The number of the simultaneous Jibri instances is scaled automaticly If the number of cores is changed, no need a new installation.

The Jitsi/Jibri installer for Debian Buster (Debian 10)

Please send me feedback if you have an issue.

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Hello Team,
My issue is 7 months ago i installed jitsi and jibri that was working fine.But now i installed on a new server .But jibri is not working.config.json file is not their.And showing recording is not available.
Error Log of Jibri-2021-01-08 12:35:53.589 FINE: [16] “org.jitsi.jibri.webhooks.v1.WebhookClient.invokeSuspend() Updating 0 subscribers of status”

Did you install using my installer or using another guide?