e2eRtt: N/A - where happens the measure?


in the connection-indicator the e2eRtt is always N/A. I’m on to understand why. Where is the measuring happen und who communicates it? Thx for some hints / links.


IIRC we have actually dumped that indicator in the latest stable release.

Ah okay? Are there any discussions that I’ve missed or can you outline why?


I think @Boris_Grozev has the details.

The code to measure e2e RTT is designed mainly to save the data for analysis, and the indication in the UI was always secondary. When we’re not running a specific experiment we have the measurement disabled, so there’s no data to display in the UI. Especially since the last iteration of the code (from March[0]) this info is not very useful in the UI, because:

  1. The measurement for a pair of endpoints happens only in one direction (A pings B, B does not ping A)
  2. The measurement is performed once and not updated
  3. The measurement in larger conferences is significantly slowed down or disabled to avoid spikes in traffic
  4. The messages go over websockets, so they don’t accurately reflect the media latency

Because of all that we removed the indication from the UI.

[0] End-to-end ping updates by bgrozev · Pull Request #1961 · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub