E2EE troubleshooting

We’re running our local Jitsi Meet 2.0.6433 environment (on Ubuntu 20.04.3).
Every feature seems to be working fine, except for the E2EE.
We are facing random issues like the following:


Most of the times, simply some users can not see - some - other users and they appear with connection lost.

We use Chrome 95.0.4638.69 on different OS (Ubuntu 20.04, Windows 10 and macOS 11), and issues appears on both p2p calls and jvb (3+) calls.
Tests are made on - decent - internet connections (no proxy or firewalls in the middle) with enough bandwidth (>100Mbps).
We’re using JWT authentication (with our custom provider) and prosody v. 0.11.10-1~focal1 (from prosody repo).

My question is: which components should we inspect in order to identify the issue? can we focus mainly on the client (jitsi-meet-web) given that other features are working as expected?
Do we have any specific network requirements to make the E2EE work?


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Enabling websockets for Prosody, like described in the following


seems to have drastically reduced (but not removed at all) the frequence of the issues, and also reduced the time of activation of E2EE.