E2ee requirements

Hello one and all.

I was just in the mood to try out encryption but guess what. Did not find a way to enable it. Do I have to enable it or is it just on? So here is my question. What do I have to do currently to encrypt video on my self hosted jitsi instance?

cheers, t.

Everything is already encrypted. Webrtc im the browser does not work without encryption.

You can find more info at: Jitsi Meet Security & Privacy | Jitsi

The good news is that Jitsi Meet offers very strong protection even without e2ee. 

All audio and video traffic is encrypted on the network (using DTLS-SRTP). This outer layer of DTLS-SRTP encryption is removed while packets are traversing Jitsi Videobridge; however they are never stored to any persistent storage and only live in memory while being routed to other participants in the meeting. 

What is more, the possibility to very easily install and run your own instance of Jitsi Meet completely removes the need for you to trust a third party provider and therefore eliminates the need for e2ee.

Thanks for your answer Damian. What I meant was e2ee. I am sorry if I have expressed myself in a misleading way.

cheers, t.

E2EE is enabled by default unless you explicitly disable it in config.js

You don’t see this in your Security settings? [You may have to scroll down]


Thanks Freddie. What could be the reason then for the missing e2ee entry in the toolbar? Does it only show under specific circumstances?

cheers, t.

What browser do you use?

Chrome 107. I enabled this Experimental Web… thingy via chrome://flags too.

cheers, t.

Do you use any UA spoffing?

Not that I know of. Just tried meet.jit.si. Should it work there? Because it doesn’t. :slight_smile: Do I need to turn the camera off before entering the room? Must there be more than one participant in the room?

cheers, t.

E2EE has not worked for months on meet.jit.si. It appears that they are working on it for VP9. However, it does work for VP8 if your are willing to make the trade-off.

Good point! Currently I force VP9. Let’s see what happens with VP8.

cheers, t.

Un-forcing VP9 did not work either. Well…

@himbeere Do you see the E2EE toggle at all? Can you please share your browser console logs?

Well no, I did not see the toggle because I needed to scroll down in the security options window. Stupid, I know. Wasn’t aware of that fact. After switching the toggle to on everything works out-of-the-box. Even with VP9. Sorry for the noise. Uhm, and great work by the way!

cheers, t.

Interesting. I just tried E2EE on meet.jit.si (VP9) and on alpha.jitsi.net (VP8) and they both do not work. Using Chrome latest - 107.0.5304.107.

Right. We have fixed the dialog height in alpha, sorry for the confusion!

Glad it’s not just me then. I reported the same problem here but wasn’t sure if it was some problem on my side.

With your post I’m pretty certain the bug is server side

Quick follow-up before I start digging. Is e2ee in conjunction with jwt authentication supposed to work? I can’t see the e2ee slider in security options on my jwt enabled instance.

cheers, t.

They are 2 unrelated features, so yeah they should work together.