E2ee in lib-jitsi-meet

Hi, it seems there has been good work ongoing on the e2ee functionality but I cannot find any reference on the exact steps to get it working using the low level api. Could you please explain:

What config options are needed?
What do I need to do in the code to activate it?
Anything needed on the hosting side? Out setup is selfhosted docker images running in k8s, except for TURN and JVB thats running in outside VM:s.
How can we verify that its its active in the browser (we need to convince an auditor that the video is e2e).
Is it working on any version of lib-jitsi-meet higher than 1.0.5307 or do we need version X+ for it to work?

thanks in advance

None, it’s available if the browser supports it.

Just call conference.toggleE2EE(true); : lib-jitsi-meet/JitsiConference.js at 7251f3aab5e5826103809e47e53d85c948f054b3 · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub

None if you are using the Docker setup, the Olm library WASM file is necessary, but it should just work.

That’'s the tricky part, you can’t.

Surely, we post notifications when it’s active and so on, but ultimately, it’s hard to proof.

It has been around foor over a year.

Excellent, thanks for the help