E2ee can be used as denial of service

Don’t know if this is an Issue? Bug? Fact?

Request: That clients in a meeting do not play the encrypted audio of any other client using a differing e2ee key.

Issue: I accidentally DOS’d my meeting. I was curious if two users could use their own e2ee key to create a private video chat that no one else could see/hear. The problem was their encrypted audio for everyone else was just a horrible screech. The nice random noise of the encrypted video was actually cool to watch though.

This could be used as a DOS for a meeting. You join, unmute yourself, and then set an e2ee key to essentially screech in everyone’s ear. If they kick you out … just login and do it again. If you see they muted you … unmute yourself.

I know anyone can disrupt a meeting by unmuting and screeching into the microphone. Just like real life. But I’d like to see if e2ee could be used as a virtual private room. Or if people accidentally set the wrong e2ee key that the other clients just wouldn’t interpret the audio noise.