E2EE available?

I’ve read a few (old …) posts about E2EE. My questions:

  • Is it available in the current stable?
  • If so, how to enable it?


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Check out the previous posts it is origin trial in chrome, you either enable it in all instances of chrome that will enter the meeting, or apply for origin trial and set the token in the index html header.

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Thanks, finally found it. For all who don’t want to dig around for hours:

Enabling it in Chrome is IMHO no option. First you need a Google account and login in. Then go to https://developers.chrome.com/origintrials/#/trials/active and click REGISTER at WebRTC Insertable Streams. There you will get a token. On you Jitsi server go to: /usr/share/jitsi-meet and add your token to head.html like shown her: https://web.dev/origin-trials/

head.html is empty by default. Add the following line to head.html:

<meta http-equiv="origin-trial" content="TOKEN_GOES_HERE">

And replace TOKEN_GOES_HERE with your token.