Dynamic branding please help

Hello anybody please helpe me? I want are do dynamic branding. I make json file put like this inside

logoImageUrl: 'https://www.google.com/images/branding/googlelogo/2x/googlelogo_color_92x30dp.png'}

I put for me config.js the url me json file.

But he no worke for me. This one backgroundImageUrl is that for change background inside meeting or outside? I think is inside meeting but nothing I try are work. Please sugeste me to fix?

Nobody are know how to do?

That will not work if you are not using tenant that is named

@damencho Thank you for responde me. But he are say he change to make work wit no tenante now

For this commit he are change

So why he no worke? People are say he worke for them all of them use docker but I no use docker. He no suppose worke for no-docker?

When using “Jitsi-as-a-Service” (JaaS … also referred to as VPaaS or “Video-Platform-as-a-Service” in the code/documentation) vs. running your own Docker container, I believe the only way to configure the dynamic branding URL is via the JaaS console (under “Advanced Settings” at https://jaas.8x8.vc/#/branding). You cannot set this URL via the config.js or interface_config.js iFrame API options (because it is not a whitelisted setting).

Unfortunately, as it stands, for JaaS it would more aptly be defined as a “static branding URL” since there is no variability in the request that is sent to your branding URL upon which your code could dynamically alter the branding object it returns.

Ideally, there would be a way for the client to inject a variable into the URL (either as a query parameter similar to the old/deprecated brandingDataUrl config.js setting - which added a “conferenceFqn=/” query parameter to the URL you specified - or - by introducing a new whitelisted config.js setting that allows the client side to specify a query or path parameter value to append to the new, but now non-whitelisted dynamicBrandingUrl setting).

If I’m incorrect, or there is something in the works, please let @RyanP and myself know :-).

I just found a couple of details that helped me find a solution!

First, it turns out there is a query parameter which is passed in on the new dynamicBrandingUrl. The query parameter is “conference” and it mimics the previous behaviour. See Advanced branding.

Second, there is a whitelisted configuration parameter available to the iFrame API called “brandingRoomAlias”.

So, combining these two capabilities, what I did was:

  1. Set the roomName on the iFrameAPI as a combination of my client side parameter and the actual room name (e.g. {myParameter} + ‘-’ + {actualRoomName}). This string combination is then passed in via the “conference” query parameter (to the dynamic branding URL I configured via the console).

  2. Set the brandingRoomAlias value (see config.js) to correct the room name to “make it right” for starting the actual meeting via the iFrame API (i.e. brandingRoomAlias = {actualRoomName}).

Hence, through the conference parameter, I enabled the client-based variability I needed to customize the branding while also launching the meeting itself :-).

p.s. It would still be nice if there was a separate query parameter that one could set on the client side to feed the dynamic branding (without needing to fix up the room name using the trick above).

I think before he are have bug that why he no worke for me but they are say the bug are fixe now. I no try yet so I no know if he are worke but they are say he are fixe.

I assumed (perhaps incorrectly), that you were using JaaS when you mentioned you weren’t using Docker. Hopefully, this bug fix will address your (non-Docker) server side deployment :-).

For those using JaaS, who need more than “static” branding (via settings in the JaaS console), the technique described above is one way of achieving “dynamic” branding (it worked for me).