Dutch translation

I cant find anywhere the option to translate:
“Waiting for the Host” and “Show” whiteboard to Dutch

You can find the instructions here: jitsi-meet/lang at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Problem is, it is not there. Neither in the English language.
Where else can it be ?
See example

It is in the English translation:

Thank Damencho, found it in the English version ( at last )
But that line is not present in the Dutch translation
I have added it but there is no differance
What needs to be done ?

You need to rebuild the frontend for new translations to take effect.

Thanks, I’ll have to wait untill you guys got it fixed.
Hope to find the time.

Have you submitted a PR for the Dutch translation of that string? That needs to be first translated from someone in the community speaking that language, before it reaches stable and meet.jit.si.