Duplicated video over another user's video

Hi! I recently got a strange issue where a participant got his camera video duplicated in the block of another user:

The top left and top right blocks are different users (on hovering they had different usernames) but the top right user got his video replaced with the top left one’s.
Restarting the call fixed the issue and actually just 1 user is able to see this. It already happened a couple of times.

Anyone got this issue already or has an idea what can be wrong? Thanks!

Where have you seen that, on meet.jit.si or self deployment, if it is on your deployment which versions do you run?

It’s self deployment. My JS library version is 139 and for the server we have this:

You better update to latest … If you reproduce with latest or on meet.jit.si we will look at it. If you reproduce maybe extract all js console browser logs and maybe if you can get the latest from remote description in chrome://webrtc-internals.

I’ve started to have this problem too. I’m in a weekly video conference using meet.jit.si that worked fine during weeks 1 and 2, but started to have duplicate video during weeks 3 and 4. The audio worked OK, and the correct names were displayed when you hovered over a user’s portrait.

Given a bug like this, the first thing I’d try would be “Reboot the server” but according to the docs, the account persists until one month after the last participant leaves. I’m assuming this is some array overflow or other mistake that only appears after several weeks of use.

Since there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete the account remotely, my current solution is to create a new account and let the old one die after one month. It’ll be a hassle to send out the new URL to all the participants, but them’s the breaks.

Hi there, you might actually have a real technical issue, though I do want to let you know now someone accidentally did this in a meeting I was in. And just now I can reproduce the effect quite easily.

In the meeting we had someone who got their browser instance mixed up, thought they had an issue with the Jitsi session so they closed it, then started another instance, but in fact either the first jitsi instance did not close, or they actually had not close it. The result was when they started another (second) Jisti instance, and ended up with two sessions running on the same computer.

The solution was to close all web browsers, open only one web browser and then log in with only one web page.

It is possible for the web browser had partly crashed so there was not a visible instance they could close, in this case, close all visible web browsers and then a reboot of their computer should resolve the issue nicely.

In my meeting’s case it was not an Jitsi server issue, and rebooting the server would not help, as both instances would automatically join back in once the server restarted.

I can easily reproduce this issue of having more than one instance running at a time.

Again, I will state, this may not have been your issue, but it is very easy for anyone to have two running instances on their computer. So sSomething to keep in mind when you next have this issue, simply ask them to close off all browser instances (for all web browsers they are running).

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Hi everybody!
I’ve the exact same issue with the iFrame API running on meet.jit.si.
I did started a topic (link below). Sometimes thumbnail from one participant can overlap another 2 participants! I did ask them to restart browser and even their machines, but problem persists.
It is generally always the same participants to “interfere” with each other’s thumbnails. Even one or two weeks after their last connection. Apple machines seems to be more vulnerable to this issue.

In my topic, you can get a look at the screenshots of Inspector and Console log. What happens is that HTMLvideo tag id is --1 for participants overlapped and overlapping. But the js video track ids in console log are different.
“–1” could be that the function that is creating or assigning the video tag id is somehow returning FALSE (-1)?

I tested using another server running an older Jitsi version (same configs, same participants, same day) and everything works well!!

I must say that, since the beginning of May, meetings seem to be more unstable. Lot of disconnections, people have difficulties to enter the meetings and to hear each others. Again, everything goes smoother when using the old version.

If you get a look at my post you can find more details there.
Jitsi is fantastic so hope there is a way to solve this!


Do you have a repro case, we can use to reproduce and fix it? Is it happening from every run or how often do you see it?

Thank you for your help.
Unfortunately I cannot really tell you how to reproduce it.
I noticed that, if 2 participants “interfere/overlap” with each other’s thumbnail, for those specific 2/3 people it happens generally at every meeting they attend.
Is there any specific detail (from the console.log, participants os/browser versions, etc.) that could be useful? I can try to collect those details for you next time it happens.

[It all started about 3 weeks ago. At the same started audio issues, where a participant cannot hear another person and is forced to leave and rejoin. I don’t know if cases are related. Before, meetings used to run super smooth.]

Thanks again.

Hi Martin, maybe you have some other details to answer @damencho 's question and help him to reproduce the issue? Thanks.

There is an interesting answer from @jallamsetty here: