Duplicated video over another user's video

Hi! I recently got a strange issue where a participant got his camera video duplicated in the block of another user:

The top left and top right blocks are different users (on hovering they had different usernames) but the top right user got his video replaced with the top left one’s.
Restarting the call fixed the issue and actually just 1 user is able to see this. It already happened a couple of times.

Anyone got this issue already or has an idea what can be wrong? Thanks!

Where have you seen that, on meet.jit.si or self deployment, if it is on your deployment which versions do you run?

It’s self deployment. My JS library version is 139 and for the server we have this:

You better update to latest … If you reproduce with latest or on meet.jit.si we will look at it. If you reproduce maybe extract all js console browser logs and maybe if you can get the latest from remote description in chrome://webrtc-internals.