Duplicate webRTC class problem in Android

I have this error

Duplicate class org.webrtc.AndroidVideoDecoder found in modules jetified-react-native-webrtc-1.87.3-jitsi-6503678-runtime (com.facebook.react:react-native-webrtc:1.87.3-jitsi-6503678) and jetified-ringrtc-android-2.8.9-runtime (org.signal:ringrtc-android:2.8.9)

I already tried some suggestions like this
exclude group: 'com.facebook.react', module: 'react-native-webrtc'

The app to is able run but will crash when on the page where jutsi is used

Looks like 2 of your dependencies embed WebRTC: react-native-webrtc (a dependency of our SDK) and jetified-ringrtc-android. Generally there is not much you can do here since they both depend on different versions.