Duplicate Tracks and Echo

Hi All,
We are observing an echo when there are few participants in one of our deployments. This seems like an echo due to the same audio track being played twice (or multiple times) rather than an echo due to the feedback. Sometimes we can also see that an error with overwriting remote track which points to here in lib-jitsi-meet.
Does anybody have an idea of what could have gone wrong?

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Do you have steps that reproduces the problem? What versions do you use or it is on meet.jit.si?

Hi @damencho

This cannot reproduce all the time. Very often, this happens when there are users from mobile browsers. For Jitsi Meet web we are using tag jitsi-meet_5142
Jicofo : 1.0-644-1
JVB : 2.1-376-g9f12bfe2-1

I will try on meet.jit.si

Hello @damencho

We encountered this issue as well.

We are using Jitsi through Docker, with jitsi/jvb:stable-5142 as JVB Docker image and jitsi/jigasi:stable-5142 as Jicofo Docker image, in combination with lib-jitsi-meet on this commit (which is quite older than @marklevin’s).

I can’t reproduce all the time neither, but I’ll update you if we find anything that could help you repro.