Duplicate participants being created

Quite very often duplicate users created… after both participant close and reopen works.

Is this on meet.jit.si or on your self-hosted instance?

self hosted instance. docker version

What version of Prosody are you running?

Prosody version is : 0.11.9

Does it happen when the participant leaves the meeting or gets disconnected and rejoins?
Does the duplicate participant disappear after a few seconds?

I can see from the screenshot you shared that one instance of the participant is actually no longer connected (greyed-out connection status). If you wait for a few seconds, that instance should disappear.

It happens when first connecting to the participant and always seems to be on iPad

This could be related to xmpp websockets. Take a look at this post:

[How To] How to enable websockets (xmpp-websocket) and smacks for Prosody

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thanks for the link… will try that today :smiley:

this still happens :frowning: