Duplicate participants being created

Quite very often duplicate users created… after both participant close and reopen works.

Is this on meet.jit.si or on your self-hosted instance?

self hosted instance. docker version

What version of Prosody are you running?

Prosody version is : 0.11.9

Does it happen when the participant leaves the meeting or gets disconnected and rejoins?
Does the duplicate participant disappear after a few seconds?

I can see from the screenshot you shared that one instance of the participant is actually no longer connected (greyed-out connection status). If you wait for a few seconds, that instance should disappear.

It happens when first connecting to the participant and always seems to be on iPad

This could be related to xmpp websockets. Take a look at this post:

[How To] How to enable websockets (xmpp-websocket) and smacks for Prosody

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thanks for the link… will try that today :smiley:

this still happens :frowning:

This issue is fixed after setting “userInfo” object in options.

var options = {
    userInfo: {
        email: 'email@jitsiexamplemail.com',
        displayName: 'John Doe'

hi lavangiri : you can Repair instructions, the above error is okay? i can’t find file did fixed . thanks

The above error is fixed for me, after I set userInfo object in options.

put the object, in userinfo, where to put it, please guide, edit it in the config.js file or somewhere

you don’t have to edit config.js. just put it where you call the API.

refer this document