Duplicate audio in p2p on mobile

Duplicate audio in p2p on mobile


We are encountering some issues with the latest releases of lib-jitsi-meet on mobile. When two participants are in the room, the audio is duplicated and slightly time shifted, creating an echo effect. We have observed the shift to be up to a few seconds. As soon as a third participant joins the call, the duplicated tracks disappear and the audio appears normal. However the audio would be duplicated again once the third person leaves.

We have tried rolling back through the different versions of the library to pinpoint when this appeared. The issue appears on release 5515, and is not reproducible on release 5513. The diff between these show a single commit related to video contraints.

The issue is not reproducible when running inside of a web browser on desktop. On all our tests on mobile, we have fixed the react-native-webrtc version to 1.89.2 so it seems not to be at fault here.

We have been able to successfully reproduce the issue on the official Jitsi iOS client (21.1.0). It therefore seems that our own client code is not at fault here.

The issue only appears when p2p.enabled is set to true, when it is set to false the issue does not appear. It seems to be an issue with p2p. When the 3rd user leaves the call it also takes a bit of time before the audio gets duplicated, looks like the time needed to switch back to p2p, which points in the same direction.

As the pinpointed commit has some relation with video constraints, here are the contraints used on our side during testing.

  "resolution": 360,
  "fps": 25,
  "constraints": {
    "video": {
      "height": {
        "ideal": 720,
        "max": 720,
        "min": 180
      "width": {
        "ideal": 1280,
        "max": 1280,
        "min": 320,
      "aspectRatio": 16 / 9,

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information on the matter.

Best regards

Hi every one

I tested official Jitsi iOS client (21.2.0)

Seems NOT able re-produce this issue

I tested lib-jitsi-meet and react_native_webrtc version, did NOT solve this issue

does anyone know how jitsi-meet fix this issue

there are over 200 commit between release


release note

21.1 vs 21.2 commit

many thanks for every one

I tested one more time today, official Jitsi iOS client (21.2.0) echo issue happen again.

so, seems official Jitsi iOS client (21.2.0) did NOT solve this issue.

thanks every one


we did another test on official Jitsi iOS client (21.2.0), can NOT re-produce echo issue this time

Hi Jarry,

Any Updates on this issue, I am currently facing the exact same issue and I am using 8x8 JaaS so disabling p2p would not solution, because I am using the mobile SDK and there is no option to disable p2p if you are using the mobile SDK.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi seconding this issue - we also experienced the same problem mid-October when on the public Jitsi Meet service. Android to Android 2-way communications had the echo at one end, but when we changed one side of this to be Firefox on an Apple Desktop, or a Windows laptop, the echo disappeared. Please let me know if you need more precise details?

We are having the same issue on mobile devices. Duplicate audio. My voice comes back to my own ear.

Im also Having this issue did you find a solution ?