DTLS 1.2 handshake Alert Protocol Version


I am trying to write a webRTC client for cafeX. and using libjitsi (version available as of 23 Oct 2018) for the media transmission using DTLS-SRTP (as recommended by webRTC)
Following below steps for establishing call

  1. SIP Signalling (with cafeX WegGateway)
  2. STUN handshake (with cafeX Media Broker)
  3. DTLS handshake (with cafeX Media Broker)

I am facing issue in DTLS handshake while using DTLS1.2. Does libjitsi support DTLSV1.2 on server side and client side ?
The reason I ask this because in code TlsServerImpl the default max and min version is hardcoded to

  1. My client code is acting as Server. So U get Client Hello from cafeX Media Broker
  2. I respond with Server Hello
  3. Media Broker responds back to me with Alert Protocol Version fatal level Alert.

Attached are the application logs and the wireshark packet messages.

application log file.txt


The bouncy castle jars version it is using (configured in maven is 1.55 version)

What should I do to make this work ?ClientHello_wireshark.txt (8.7 KB)
ProtocolVersionAlert_wireshark.txt (3.1 KB)
ServerHello_wireshark.txt (10.4 KB)
application log file.txt (18.3 KB)