Dropped connections to meet.jit.si in past week

My connection to a conference doesn’t provide audio or video, and then soon I receive a message that the bridge has failed. This has happened twice in the past week when I connected to a conference that had five to six participants. Conference operation for other participants seems to work fine, except that they cannot receive audio or video from me. Both of these events have been using meet.jit.si for several years. One of them is a weekly event lasting two hours. A fast.com speed test this evening to the Chromebook I have been using for conferences shows 27 Mbps download, 22 Mbps upload, 21 ms unloaded latency, and 494 ms loaded latency. This is over a wireless connection. I have been using this setup for more than a year, and it has been working well previously. As far as I know, all of the participants are using a browser to connect to the conference.

We have encountered issues in the past, but rarely repeatable, and rarely with error messages. So this feels a little different. What data can I collect that might help someone with more knowledge than I diagnose this problem?

The javascript console logs from the browser when this happens.

I saw these symptoms again this evening. Here is a link to the log file at Google Drive.

Did you save the file after reloading?

The fact that you are asking this question suggests that I do not know how to do this correctly.

I connected to the conference, got a message about bridge failure, then the connection dropped and automatically reconnected, and then I opened the developer tools, went to the console, and saved the log file.

Please explain briefly the procedure I should use to capture a log file that will actually be helpful.

Thank you for your help.


You need to save it before navigating away from the page. But the fact you saw a message about disconnected from the bridge shows that the connection between you and the bridge failed not sure there is anything we can do about it … But if you manage to get the logs before navigating away from the page, that may give more information…