Dropbox used by Jitsi : problems syncing on a PC (can be easily resolved)

Jitsi meeting software allows you to save your session on Dropbox. I did and it worked fine. But as you know, Dropbox content synchronizes to your device. For me, it worked perfectly on my Linux workstations (4 different flavors) and on my Ipad; on the other hand, it did not synchronize on my 2 PC-Windows10. The explanation is plain and simple. When it saves a session Jitsi adds the date and time to the filename; for instance : “TheNameofMyMeeting on 2020-04-29 20:04.mp4”. After some research, the reason that Dropbox does not synchronize the file on the PCs is the character “:” in the time stamp. This is already documented by Dropbox in https://help.dropbox.com/installs-integrations/sync-uploads/files-not-syncing .

Well, we can frown on Microsoft about that, but it surely will not change anytime soon. So, it would be nice to correct that now. To do that, Jitsi would just have to change the format of the time from HH:MM to HHMM or HH_MM or anything that does not use “:”.

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Thanks for sharing this, there are many posts of people complaining the recordings don’t work. It seems they’re probably just being sync’ed.


I just found out the same by myself, this is my first day with Jitsi.
I’ve just posted in Requests, perhaps you can vote for it as well:

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I commented in this issue.