Dropbox upload not working?

New user of meet.jit.si. (Mac OS X 10.13.6, in Brave Browser, but also tries in Chrome). I’ve tried recording my screen+voice and uploading to Dropbox, but nothing uploads (Jitsi has created a Jitsi Meet folder in my Dropbox). Any thoughts, anyone?

U need to install the recorder script from their Debian repo…can’t remember the name atm

I’m using the web-based version of meet.jit.si. Not sure why I’d need any linux stuff. But I’m a neophyte, so if there’s a reason I’m missing, please explain. Thanks.

@DRA1962 I just tested on meet.jit.si and Dropbox recording worked just fine. Are you still experiencing the issue? You need to wait few seconds/minutes for the recording to appear, depends on the length of your recording. The recording service (jiibri) is storing it in temporary location and after the recording is stopped (or meeting ends, there is no-one in the room except the recorder service for 20 seconds, not sure about the timmeout though) it uploads it to Dropbox.

I tried four times on two different browsers yesterday, waited plenty, but no files ever appeared in my Dropbox.


I’m having a similar issue. I read somewhere online that there was a problem with the file name containing white spaces…

I run a couple of tests with no white spaces and it seems to work fine… Can someone confirm this? Thanks.

Thanks! That worked for me as well.