Dropbox or download recordings

I tried to follow some threads here, but didn’t really understand how to.

To make dropbox available it is not enough to set the options in config and activate the dropbox? I need an uploader script and a finalize-script?

On my site it doesn’t play a role if I could use dropbox or give a possibility to download the recordings directly.

Maybe someone could help me or guide me. I have a running system (Jitsi latest on Debian 10, recording works, but stores the files in /srv/recordings).

Thanks in advance

Looks like I made some steps forward:

apt install jitsi-upload-integrations

Jibri config

finalize-script = “/usr/bin/jitsi_uploader.sh”

Now I get an error “no valid dropbox token”?

No idea about the dropbox integration but it seems related with this

Hello Emrah, thanks for your reply. I deactivated dropbox, because I didn’t get it running. Too complicated for my old (non coder) brain :wink:

Do you know a solution how to download the file from within jitsi and delete the file immediately?

It’s possible to transfer the recorded file to another server using ftp, s3 copy etc. but I don’t know if this works for your use case.

No, I use the installation with some others for small conferences and seminars. I thought there could be an easy possibility to record some parts and download them directly. I don’t want to store and download the files for others.

I’ll disable recording completely and tell them to use a screenrecorder.