Dropbox no longer supported?

We were using Dropbox and Jitsi to record our podcasts sessions, because it was the only way we both sounded well (unlike when we recorded on a side of either participants).

But recently upload to Dropbox doesn’t seem to be allowed and it seems to be recorded only on one side rather than on Jitsi’s server. (Meaning if I am not recording and my co-podcaster is, as far as I know, it seems my voice has to travel to Jitsi server and then to my co-podcaster).

Why is Dropbox no longer supported?
Will it be?
Is it error, or design philosophy?
Are there some alternative services that allow what Jitsi allowed in past?

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Recording to Dropbox at meet.jit.si has been suspended for now. We now have the option to do Local Recording, which is what you’re alluding to in your post. Server-side recording (Dropbox) is the single most expensive feature to support in any Jitsi deployment an the Team kindly bore the cost for so many years because there was no suitable alternative. But with the introduction of Local Recording, there is no immutable need for Dropbox recording anymore.

If you still want to use Dropbox, you can subscribe to https://jaas.8x8.vc. I strongly recommend this. Alternatively, you can also host your own server and add the recording component.


Does subscribing to that link manage server-side recording?
Or does it just record locally and then upload it to Dropbox?

Yes, it gives you access to server-side recording - exactly like you used to have it. And you can still enable Local Recording as well, so you have both options to select from in your meetings.

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