Dropbox got full during the meeting

I had an important meeting that I recorded today and we ran longer and my dropbox file never got the recording.

I upgraded to business and did a test and that video came in, so I am hoping you can help me recover this meeting. It started 6/24 at 10amPST. URL is https://meet.jit.si/webxr-part-deux

Really looking forward to your help!

I’m not one of the developers here, but as I recall once you leave a meeting everything is reset. You can use the same meeting name, but it is as if that name never existed before. I’m sure one of the developers will clarify, but I don’t see any way you can recover the content of the meeting that didn’t record.

You may have done this when you started the recording, but just in case you missed it, when you turn on recording you should see a dialog box that tells you how much storage space you have in Dropbox and about how many minutes to which that translates.

I’m not sure what you meant when you say you upgraded to business. Do you mean 8x8?

Thanks for the response.

My video was recovered! The developers must have been able to find it, and it was in my Dropbox on Friday.

Regarding the “upgrade” I upgraded Dropbox to business.

That’s great news! I’m glad you were able to get your recording back.