Drop in style cafe

Talking out loud here so it may not be all thought thru. I envisage a site audio only that would operate at certain times and have a moderator. There would be a general chat time and a topic chat time. Folk could drop in at will and take part. Now! firstly I assume that can be done on jitsi? Requirements say 1. ability to limit participants 2. people could “look on” but not participate.3. set audio only for all 4. show a thumbnail of participant.
Is that in the scope of the software /script or would i need to get some added? has someone already “invented the wheel” that i could look at? Thanx

Hey,seems like you want to recreate Clubhouse :sweat_smile:

I’m joking. So, i’m definitly not in jitsi team but here what I can say :sweat_smile:

  • As a conference moderator (first person to join is a moderator, and can grant other moderators) you can mute people. So you will be able to turn that ‘look only’ part with that.
  • Also, you have a lobby feature that will help you limite participants, as you’ll need to authorize them when tey ‘knock knock’ on the room.
  • Thumbnail is archievable, you can use Gravatar to embed a picture as your profile picture (and so : the thumbnail)
  • You can configure jitsi to start muted too.

You’ll have to maybe do a little coding to meet your exact expectation, but i’ll totally archievable

Good luck

LOL yes well sort of. I am quite interested in the concept and willingness for investors to put up millions of dollars for a audio only network? Having said it sort proves the concept of the confidence they have that it is what people want. I am at the other end of the lets" build a new world" being retired, but my thinking was towards a drop in style virtual cafe for other oldies like myself where touch typing isnt our thing but we sure can talk! Now I know it is totally a possibility I will look further into it. Thanx for the response.