Drawing/pointer over the video stream/screenshot

  1. looking for a functional overlay drawing on top of the conference.
    The minimum is a laser pointer.
  2. the second necessary function is to take a screenshot of the video and draw over it.

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Hi @yara12, I would like to help you with your requirement. I have sent you a DM. Please check it.


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@yara12 - I have sent you a DM

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What you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise and I would be happy to help you out on this.
I will send you a PM to discuss further.
Best Wishes and Have a great Saturday,

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Thanks to all who answered. My PM will contact to everyone. While preparing the description.

We have sent you a DM. Kindly check it out.
Thank you.

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no answer (

no answer

hey guys, be active. Why offer help and not even reply to mail or private messages.
Maybe someone else has come across similar solutions?

I may advice you to clarify your requirements more. For example; what is the use case and scenario?

Something like this: