Draw on shared screen

Thanks for the great work and software which my son uses eyerday for school in this time…

I use Teamviewer since years now with my customers, because there is one feature missing in jitsi: drawing / painting on the shared screen visible for all attendees.

I found only this old topic Paiting on shared screen? but I believe there are a lot more persons interested in this feature.
It helps a lot in discussions e.g. about images / 3D products if everybody can make some lines or annotation on live screen.

From my view there are different sub-features:

  1. Pointer: Every attendee can click in the shared screen to show a temporally pointer (with name of “clicker”) for everybody
  2. Draw with the mouse as long it is pressed.
  3. Draw lines, rectangles, eclipse…
  4. Eraser / Clear all :slight_smile:

Best regards