Downloading Video Recordings

We are excited about Jitsi but would like to be able to save a recording on our desktop without having to save the recording through Dropbox.
Is this possible? This would help us greatly,
Hope to hear from you soon

If you setup your own deployment, you can implment your own recording storage service.
For now the only options implemented is Dropbox and a custom one.

Hello, I want to know how to start downloading when after the recording on web. I mean it starts to download after stopping recordiing automatically.

Thanks, please tell me a usual way to downloading the video by a custom one service.

Is there documentation on this?

You need to implement a custom service first to make it possible to download. Have you checked the issue’s sections on for pointers?

Don’t think there is a documentation yet. If you happen to find one or write one, please add it here Thanks.

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