Downloading recordings Jibri scalability - Question

Hi Everyone,

A couple of questions on Jitsi config with Jibri recording:

1/ Once recordings are completed, is there a config yet built within Jitsi for the initiator of that recording to download the file or is this a feature yet to be implemented?

1a/ If this feature is not yet implemented, where is the best place to insert a post
recording processing script in order to get the recording to its initiator.

2/ Can someone (maybe a Jitsi developer) point me to the ‘best place’ to intercept the signal for recording request. Why?
GOAL: I would like to create Jibri scale using docker and always have a queue of
Jibri recording instances [# Requests +1] available
Is this being worked on by someone in order to autoscale Jibri instances?

Thank you