Doubt regarding participant video

sir i want to ask ,
if there is any bandwidth problem and participant video is off,information first share by jicofo to prosody nd then prosody share this information to jvb nd jvb off the participant video?is it correct flow or jicofo directly commuincate this information to jvb?please answer to this

That information flows between the JVB and the user directly, through the bridge channel.

when streams will be off ,that information will not pass to jicofo?
as jicofo is conference manager.Does jicofo not manage video off/on?
as i get answer from ur community that all communication will be through prosody server

Jicofo will also learn it from the presence stanzas.

so basically the flow is like
when user off the video this information pass to JVB through bridge channel then JVB pass this information to prosody and prosody send presence stanza to jicofo
nd jicofo than send this information to other participants .
Please Sir,Correct me if this is wrong.

Not quite. When a participant wants to turn off video they just turn it off and propagate their muted state through presence. All other participants and jicofo will learn about it this way. The JVB doesn’t really need to know, it will figure it out due to the lack of packets.