Don't want option we can hide

Can hide raise your hand, meeting info, enter tile view, start live stream and password in android?

Please help me!

To do this from Android you need to edit the app code and build your own version, it’s not a configuration trick.

Hi @Taroni
we want some options only other option not need to me. I have using setFeatureFlag() function in android code but not idea about Flag Name please give me Flag Name list and guide me to how it is use in android code.

Sorry neither I
You need an Expert and I am not

Hi @Taroni

Please meet up to concern person it is urgent.

You can use
.setFeatureFlag(“call-integration.enabled”, true)
to remove these options

can you list .setFeatureFlag all options available on android?
I have been searching and am not finding it.

it will come handy to enable/disable some functions for all devs.