Don't see an explanation of what 'External API' and its js file is with installing the Electron app

Does it have to do with the Insertable Streams that has to be enabled for E2EE to work? I was able to connect to my server just fine with the Electron with no configuration but another user couldn’t activate their camera (although it seemed like it was because their antivirus was blocking it but they didn’t have much time to continue troubleshooting).

Not sure what you are asking. It’s no longer necessary to enable the external_api.js location on your Jitsi installation, since it now comes bundled.

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It’s mentioned on the Electron app’s Github page. Maybe they forgot to remove it.
Also, @saghul, I can’t connect to my Jitsi Server via Electron from a Windows machine but it works fine from Ubuntu.

Yeah, thAt’s an oversight, I’ll remove it.

As for the windows issue, can you please open an issue on GH? @ me there so we can debug.

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I replied again but am not sure if I need to @ you every time so that you get notified.

Got it, no worries.

Thanks! I was confused about your devtools comment because I don’t see how using the Electron app has anything to due with Chrome, other than e.g. the External API I guess being a uniquely Chrome/ium/Google thing.

Not really. “External API” here referred to our own iframe based external API. I did update the README since it’s no longer required. Cheers!

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Thanks! And do you know if there are any plans to add an autoupdate feature to the Electron app (it could check right on startup) to make it easier for older users?

It already does that. It’s broken on macOS because our release is unsigned, hopefully we can fix that eventually.

Hm, two coworkers said it didn’t tell them anything, although one said he got asked after closing the app after having clicked some ‘about’ button (windows). I’ll let you know what happens on my end when the next update comes out.