Don't ask for mic-permission in startWithAudioMuted

I’m trying to adapt jitsi-meet for my use case in which I would like to have users in listen-only mode. I would like that they don’t have to give their mic-permission if they only want to listen in a conference

It seems that this was the functionality before release 3758:

so I tried to adapt conference.js in the following way:

    const initialDevices = [ ];
    let requestedAudio = false;
    let requestedVideo = false;

        if (!options.startWithAudioMuted) {
        requestedAudio = true;

The functionality seems to work: The users only gets the “Ask-for-permission” prompt if he wants to unmute the mic.
But there is the problem that when a user joins the conference muted, he can not hear any audio. He has to unmute his mic, give the mic permissions and rejoining the conference for being able to hear the others talking.
Does anyone has an idea why this is the case?

Jitsi-version: latest stable
Browser for testing: latest chrome (81.0.4044.129)

Any help would be appreciated!


There was an Agreement between @emcho and @andrei-gavrilescu ( about this.
I think we can achive that with a new config options maybe (

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Hi, I’m trying to implement the same in the native part, but I can’t find where the audio permission request is triggered when I’m joining with startWithAudioMuted=true on iPhone. Can somebody help me with this?
Thanks in advance