Dominant speaker(s) when screen sharing

When screen sharing, the person who is screen sharing (presenter) is on the top of the filmstrip. However, when there are multiple persons speaking during this process, it is not reflective who is speaking other than the presenter. My question is, is it possible in the filmstrip to reflect those who are speaking and not only the presenter? If this is currently not possible, is this feature included in the future feature plans or roadmap?

What do you mean? There should be dominant speaker indications already for those speaking even when the screen sharing one stays on stage …

Hi Damencho.
Thanks for the reply and sorry if what I meant is not clear.
When someone is screen sharing and is presenting, the display name is displayed on the bottom of the stage and the initial is located on top of the filmstrip. This is OK and is very much desirable.
However, when there are two or more people talking with the screen sharing still active, there is no visual indication of who is speaking. The filmstrip is not rearranging depending on who is speaking and the display name on the bottom of the stage is not changing either. How do the participants know who is speaking when screen sharing is active and on stage?

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I see, but reordering on someone speaking is a heavy operation for a big call, and you can constantly get rearrangements … of course you are right … I will pass your message to product :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, It is much appreciated.