We are developing a web-based video conferencing service over jitsi

The DOMINANT_SPEAKER_CHANGED event bubble up ONLY when a new member joins to room.

I expect that this event will bubble up when one of the participants speaks louder and longer than others, and then we can distinguish him from other conference participants.

Question: what configuration parameters are responsible for the normal work of this feature?


did not help :slightly_frowning_face:

When creating a conference, I get a warning in the browser console

[JitsiMeetJS.js] <Object.init>:  Analytics disabled, disposing.
[modules/statistics/AnalyticsAdapter.js] <Object.dispose>:  Disposing of analytics adapter

could this be the reason for DOMINANT_SPEAKER_CHANGED event not working correctly?

Thanks for any hints :pray:

@damencho , can you have any ideas on this issue? Thanks!

I would guess your websocket connection to the bridge is not working.

We are using Jitsi in docker. Maybe we need some specific docker setup for this? Also we use lib-jitsi-meet library

Check your console logs for errors.