Domains on the configuration of Jibri


I have a jitsi server and i want to install a jibri server to record our conferences (if it is possible, i will install it in a different virtual machine in the same network where jitsi is installed), but i have some doubts about the domains that i need that i want to answer before I begin the installation:

I see in the configuration of prosody that i need some extra domains, like ““”” or “”. But I see also that this server doesn’t need to have an incoming port route configurated (ports 443 or 80). I doesn’t understand this part. Do i need this domains? If i need them, i will need to map this domains to the public ip of the jibri server and open some port in the router to point it to the jibri server. Do I need a new public ip for this domains? I have to map this new domains to my jitsi server instead of the jibri server?

What i want is to record our conferences from our office. So i can catch the files from the jibri server sharing the folder where them are stored. We will download them from the same network where the jibri server will be installed. I don’t need to make the files availables over internet. Do i need to configure this new domains?

I need to know how this domains will work to prepare them before install jibri.


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These are all internal domains. They’re used internally by Jitsi and do not need to be mapped publicly. To install Jibri, just follow these tutorials below, don’t stress yourself about port mappings e.t.c…

OK. So i don’t need to modify or create new domains or map ports. But I don’t need to change this domains when i configure it (the domains that appear in the tutorials)? In this lines I need to stay things like this?

Component "" "muc"

Or i will need to point this URLS to the ip of the jitsi server? (anything like “”).

One more thing. I will install jibri on a Debian server without graphic interface (it have no gnome or kde or anything like this). I want to access to the records from other computer. And the tutorial installs… Google chrome stable? :upside_down_face: This can be installed without graphic interface?

The domain names have to match your domain, so wherever you see “”, you should change it to whatever your domain name is.

This is actually the only way to do it. Jibri willnot run if you install it on a server with graphic interface.