Domain for each Jitsi server?

I installed recently a Jitsi and meet on a Amazon AWS server. Organized it so that it allows 30 on each room and my application is so that i can organize who enters in each room.

Thing is that my startup is starting to grow and soon enough I will have to make more of this servers…MUCH MORE. In fact i want to code it so that i can replicate this single server as many times i want by software.

That puts me in a problem because on the installation i noticed i had to give Meet a domain for it to have a SSH. Suppose i have 1000 servers with jitsi meet on it, i cant go creating and organizing a domain for each individual server. What I really want is to just call the static IP and it to be running my meet.

So how can i solve this pickle?

You don’t need several complete shards to host a large number of people, you need several videobridges. Videobridges don’t need FQDNs (domains), just IP addresses. If you do choose to go with multiple shards though, you’d need to have HAProxy in front to load balance and route traffic for you. That way, you’re able to use one domain name to route traffic to all the shards.