Does not work if change the jitsi-videobridge domain

Hi, I got the error there is no videobridge available when I changed jvb domain from old (jitsi-videobridge) one to new one (jvb) in the /jitsi-meet/config.js file:

var config = {
    hosts: {
        domain: '',
        muc: '',
        bridge: '',
        focus: ''
    useNicks: false,
    bosh: '//', // FIXME: use xep-0156 for that
    //chromeExtensionId: 'diibjkoicjeejcmhdnailmkgecihlobk', // Id of desktop streamer Chrome extension
    //minChromeExtVersion: '0.1' // Required version of Chrome extension

Of course, I already registered an account jvb in prosody and change its component as below:

Component ""
        component_secret = "BmzF20s!"

How to solve this problem?

The bridge no longer uses component. You need to configure it to use mucs: jitsi-videobridge/ at master · jitsi/jitsi-videobridge · GitHub

@damencho that document seems was out of date, right? Because I did not see file on the master branch.

??? What do you expect to see in master?

Here is the default configuration when using quick install:

Thanks a lot @damencho. Here is what I did the configuration

  1. I created a under jicofo project

and then I set a fews of arguments for running command line

  1. I created a under jitsi-videobridge project and configured as below:
# Enable broadcasting stats/presence in a MUC

# Connect to the first XMPP server

VM options:


Running command line arguments


However, it does not work. The error I am facing is CONFERENCE FAILED: VideoBridge Not Available. What’s wrong in the configuration?

I don’t know :slight_smile: what does jvb logs say?