Does not show the second participant in the recording

Hola grupo .Yesterday I installed jitsi on my server and for some reason, when I start recording with the “everybody followme” option, the second participant does not appear in the recording. In both browsers I granted camera and microphone permissions. What could it be? Thanks

Did you see both users in browser?
If you logged in both users in same computer, it is possible one of user will not have access to camera as it is already been used by other user.

If I see both in the browser.
I log in with the computer as the host and the other participant on a cell phone as a guest, I activate the “everyone follows me” box and activate the mosaic mode

Is this on or on your deployment?

In my deployment

We had identified the issue and we are working on a fix.

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I undesrstand, thanks

Hi @damencho nice to greet you, sorry I still have the same problem, is there anything else I can do?.

Are you still experiencing it on or on your deployment?
If its your deployment, the fixes are in unstable, you can update to the latest from unstable.

I continue with the same detail in my deployment. How can I upgrade to unstable?