Does not allow me to have a conference with 2 people by p2p


I haven’t seen that when entering with two participants in the call on your deployment. The participants stay till i close the tab, it never happend a participant to exit the conference after 20 seconds.
The problem i see that it can happen that after some time the video of one of the participants can stop with a message that participant is having connectivity issues.


I was testing with other rooms, not jitsi. Can you try that , do you still see the problem? If yes, can you upload a screenshot what you see?


I could go into the jitsi room, I’ll be in that room waiting. Because I did the test with the same two computers and the same browser with another instance that I configured a year ago and this situation does not occur.


Video attached that shows the events.


That is the problem, but in the other instance that you implemented a year ago, you do not expel the other person when this message comes out.


We know about the issue and will be working on it. The case is how I tried to explain, ‘expel’ I still don’t understand, I was thinking of participants leaving or seeing reload screen, but nothing like that is happening. Thanks for the video