Does not allow me to have a conference with 2 people by p2p


Good night, I have a problem with jitsi meet, after following the quick installation guide, it does not allow me to have a conference by p2p, all conections go JVB.

Any advice or help would be very useful for me.


Did you enable p2p in config.js?

Depending on the network configuration, p2p isn’t always possible. When p2p fails it will fallback to jvb. If you look at the browser console logs you should see logs related to p2p.


Yes, by default this is enabled, I have not modified it.

The strange thing is that from the same devices and browsers the, if it is connected by p2p, while my instance does not.


When you see p2p on is it using turn? This could be the difference.





Check the prosody “/var/log/prosody/prosody.err” and I found the following:

Oct 12 10:56:26 portmanager error Errror binding encrypted port for https: No key present in SSL/TLS configuration for https port 5281.


I don’t think this is related.


Do you have any idea where I should look?


Check what is going on on chrome://webrtc-internals in the case where it succeeds which ice candidates succeeds and are used and in the non working case you will see which candidates fail.
Can you upload the js console logs from one of the failed to establish p2p sessions.


These are the statistics that show me, I really do not understand them well.

The server where my instance is installed is


Are you testing with Firefox? Please test with chrome both directions and report do you see the issue? Firefox cannot be an offerer for p2p at the moment, so sometimes you will not see p2p when using Firefox.


Chrome did not show the camera, clear the cache and all the browser information, restart Chrome and now if I show the camera.

By Chrome, if a p2p connection is established, but after 20 or 30 seconds, the call is interrupted and I watch the video from my own camera.


Have you followed this when you did your deployment?

The addresses and the ports section?


From that section only configure what is referred to NAT.

Should I configure something else?


Your local and remote address seems fine.
Also make sure that you do the port forward for udp 10000 and maybe tcp 4443 (if you you had installed apache2 or nginx before jitsi-meet). Port forwarding the same way you did for 443.


I just tested and it seems fine now, do you still see the problem?


No, the problem persists, after 20 seconds the call goes down.


I’m using nginx

That configuration was established automatically with the quick installation.


I’m seeing something, but just to clarify: by down you mean you don’t see the video it doesn’t mean that participant goes out of the conference or you see a reload screen?


It means that it is as if you are automatically expelling the other participant, after 20 seconds of the conference being established.

Clarification: the screen in that room “jitsi” looks black because I have a camera protector.