Does "" support multi platforms?

Hi, I integrated Jitsi Meet into my Flutter app using manual-example on jitsi_meet | Flutter Package. Everything works properly but camera is not. It works on ios-ios calls, meaning all started cameras can be seen on each other’s screen, and it works on web-web. I haven’t have a chance to check android platforms. The problem is, when I started meeting from the ios app and connect with a chrome browser instance on that meeting it doesn’t show phone’s camera on browser, same as browser’s camera not showing on both sides. Has anyone confronted with that before?

That package last made a release 22 months ago. I suspect your problem is caused by incompatibility between the Jitsi Meet mobile SDK version bundled in that Flutter package and the backend which is likely running the latest stable release. You can often get away with a little bit of skew between frontend and backend components, but 22 months is a long time.

Thank you for your reply. I suspect that too but I couldn’t find any other solution for flutter. Do you have any suggestions on that?

Unfortunately no — I used that package a couple of years ago but haven’t used Flutter recently. You might consider attempting to update the Jitsi Meet SDK used by the package.

Ok, thank you anyways.